Food Truck Festivals: Its Growing Popularity And List of Best Festivals

Food Truck Festivals- Its Growing Popularity And List of Best Festivals


Food truck festivals are organized events where multiple food trucks pull up in one location for visitors to sample their food. These events are an opportunity for businesses to showcase their menus to visitors. It is an avenue for businesses to boost their sales, startups to sample their products and visitors to try new things. Visit a food truck festival if you intend to try a new lunch spot or try new cuisine.

A food truck festival is the only way you will sample different cuisines without necessarily committing to a restaurant treat. These events feature a wide array of food businesses, activities and entertainment. Since they take place over the weekend and the environment is friendly for families, the festivals are a good place to hang out with your loved ones. Find a food truck festival near you and attend if you are interested in trying out new things.

What are Food Truck Festivals?

Food truck festivals are events where food truck businesses come together at a specific location to vend their menus and showcase their special dishes. With the food truck business gaining popularity across America, the festival comes as a new way of gaining followers, seeing new trends from competitors and endearing to a new customer base. For visitors, the festival is an exploratory space where you will experience the best meals in town outdoors. Most customers during a food truck festival are in for a good time; they want to experience the new cuisines at a small scale while enjoying the music and other entertainment features.

Where to Find Food Truck Festivals

Food truck festivals are organized by various teams and sponsors in a certain region. The sponsors approach all the local restaurant and food truck businesses in the area to attend and showcase their items. The festival organizers are constantly planning new festivals in your town, and social media is the best way to find such a festival. The organizers and the food truck businesses advertise and publicize the event. Every food truck business attending a festival will leverage its social media handles to have visitors try their new items on the menu.

Searching for food truck festivals near me is a great place to start, and following some of the best chefs and restaurants in town means you will find their posts on social media. If you are enthusiastic about innovative culinary skills, you will certainly learn about the festival from creative food industry professionals on talk shows. Food festivals are organized on the streets, at the beach, or in any other specific zone. While planning your trips across America, learn more about the annual food truck festivals and capture the necessary details, including location.

List of USA Food Truck Festivals in 2022

What is a better way to enjoy new cuisines and innovative dishes from the most talented professionals in the industry than to attend a food truck festival? As a visitor visiting a food truck festival in your town, city or new state, you experience the wonderful culinary creations from a wide array of vendors. Some of the renowned food truck businesses travel miles and miles to participate in such festivals. Some of the greatest and most popular food truck festivals across the United States include L.A. Street Food Fest and Chicago Food Truck Festival.

L.A. Street Food Fest

The L.A. food fest is an adventure park offering visitors food, music and entertainment. Hosted in Pasadena, this event gets over 100 participants offering local and international cuisines. The festival has a high turnout yearly and offers VIP amenities such as private parking, early admission and a tasting lounge.

Chicago Food Truck Festival

One of the biggest food truck festivals happens in Chicago, Illinois, in June. It hosts the biggest food vendors and the best in the game from different parts of America. However, numerous food festivals, including the Taste of Chicago and Chicago Gourmet, occur in Chicago. Make a trip to Chicago to purposely attend one of these festivals for an amazing experience. You will enjoy live chef demos, rotating pop-up restaurants, food trucks and music concerts with the big names in attendance.

Other great food truck festivals in the U.S. include:

  • Sea Isle City Food Truck Fest
  • Atlanta Street Food Festival
  • Seattle Street Food Festival
  • Eat the Street
  • Street Eats Food Truck Festival

List of Food Truck Festivals in New Jersey

Are you looking to sample some tasty cuisines from the best food trucks in New Jersey? Here are some of the greatest food truck festivals happening in New Jersey. Attend these festivals for great eats, kid's activities, live music and more. The most famous and yet-to-happen food truck festivals in New Jersey include the Manville Food Truck Festival, Parsippany Food Truck Festival, and Duffield’s Food Truck & Apple Festival.

Manville Food Truck Festival & Music Bash

The Manville fest will take place in Gerber Field with more than 15 Gourmet food trucks. This festival has a worthy cause for supporting the community affected by Hurricane Ida. It is a fun-filled family day with many local and international cuisines, live music, beer, kid's activities, a petting zoo, pony rides, face painting and sand art.

Parsippany Food Truck Festival

The food truck fest is coming back to Parsippany with numerous food vendors. The event is sponsored to host a wide range of vendors serving different cuisines. Since it is designed to raise money for the Kiwanis of Greater Parsippany, the organizers have allowed other vendors to join the cause.

Other Festivals in New Jersey include:

  • Food Truck Festival in Shepard’s Lake Ringwood
  • Paramus Food Truck Festival
  • Craft Beer and Food Truck Festival
  • Chester Food Truck & Music Fest
  • Bridgewater Food Truck & Music Fest

Upcoming Festivals

Some of the Food Truck festivals scheduled for this year’s September in New Jersey include:
Car Show and Food Truck Festival
Clifton Food Truck, Art, and Music Festival
Livingston Summerfest Food Truck and Music Festival
Sussex County Last Blast Food Truck and Music Festival

Festival Calendar

Knowing where to find food truck festivals in the U.S. With the resumption of normal operations since the shutdown necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, many festivals are popping up in different cities. Do not be quick to make travel arrangements before confirming the event dates. Various local conditions call for the cancellation of events, change of date, time and venue, which may not reflect the original schedule. Call the event sponsor to confirm the event dates, time and location, then finalize your travel arrangements.


The food truck festivals are ideal for enjoying deliciously unique food from different chefs worldwide. It is an opportunity to support the small businesses in town or a worthy cause in the community. The festival sponsors and event managers announce their events in good time to prepare the participants and guests. The vendors are advised to arrive early and book a strategic spot, while guests should arrive before they wait in line for a long while. Visit a food truck festival ready to have fun with your family. Do not leave your kids because of the available kid’s activities.

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