7 Legendary Michelin-Starred Indian Chefs Abroad: Inspiring Tales


In this article, we explore seven celebrated Indian chefs from different parts of the world with combined stars from the esteemed guide. These acclaimed industry professionals include two with two stars, two with three stars, and three with one star each.

Learn about these pioneering talents and their kitchens, where age-old secrets are combined with contemporary techniques for gastronomical delights that will excite your taste buds.

What is the Michelin star?

The Michelin star is a highly-respected recognition culinary award to restaurants and chefs demonstrating outstanding culinary skills and creativity. The Michelin Guide is one of the world's most recognized and influential restaurant guides. It awards stars to top restaurants based on the quality of ingredients, technique, flavor, presentation, service, and atmosphere. Restaurants with three stars are considered the finest in their respective locations, while those with two or one star also demonstrate exceptional culinary skills.

Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine is hot right now. You'll find many choices if you watch The Food Network as often as possible or check out local restaurants. Many popular dishes combine vegetables and spices in new and exciting ways. Though some dishes use various types of meat, others are perfect for vegetarians. Biryani, butter chicken, korma, chaat, and dosa are some top dishes to try.

Michelin-Starred Restaurants

Earning a Michelin star is one of the top achievements in a chef's career. Not only do they need to have a mastery of cooking techniques and ingredients, but they also need to offer good value for the money and use quality products. There are just eight Indian restaurants as of 2023 that have a Michelin star. Some of the Indian chefs who earned this accolade look for ways to elevate classic Indian fare, while others focus on making the best classic dishes possible.

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Indian Chefs Around the World

The top Indian chefs in the world today have a strong commitment to their craft. They spend hours trying new recipes and creating menus that delight their diners. While you'll find hundreds of Indian restaurants in the United States alone, there are millions of Indian chefs working in the world today. Look at the top men and women in this field who earned one of the coveted Michelin stars.

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