Exploring the Benefits of Hospitality Technology Trends

Exploring the Benefits of Hospitality Technology Trends

The hospitality industry includes any business that provides help, support, or entertainment for travelers. Restaurants, hotels, conference centers, and casinos are just a few examples found within the industry. People spend more than $1 billion on their travels every year, which is why it's so important that business owners know how to appeal to their guests. One way they can appeal to potential guests and visitors is with some of the latest technology trends in the hospitality industry.


Latest Technology Trends in the Hospitality Industry


Technology trends come and go. Do you remember when it seemed like everyone wanted a Blackberry phone? While some current trends disappear fairly quickly, others stick around for years or longer. If you work in the hospitality industry, you must stay informed about the newest technology and hospitality trends that make your business more appealing to guests.


What is Hospitality Technology?


Hospitality technology refers to any products or services that those in the industry use. A good example is the software that a hotel uses. This software helps them check in guests fast and check them out just as quickly. It also allows workers to find which rooms are available and keep track of payments. Some great technology tools also come in handy for different areas of the hospitality industry.


Why is Hospitality Technology Essential for Hospitality Companies?


Whether your hotel or restaurant is located in a small town or a big city, hospitality technology is essential for your business. Take a look at some of the similar companies in your area. You'll likely find that there are multiple companies doing the same thing as you. It's important that you find a way to set your business apart from the competition. Technological trends can make your business more appealing to potential guests, too. Some of the other reasons this technology is essential include:


  • It helps you communicate better with both customers/guests and employees.

  • The right technology helps you reduce the number of tasks workers do.

  • You get an easier way to provide your customers with the services they need.

  • Customers get a better personalized experience that they will want to share with others.

  • The right technology helps guests make the arrangements they require faster.

Discover the Latest Hospitality Technology Trends


While technology trends are important in the hospitality industry, you may have a hard time finding the latest ones. Your competitors don't want to tell you what they do and increase their competition. Instead of scouring the web for more help, discover the latest hospitality technology trends in the world today right below.


Voice Search & Voice Control


Using voice search and voice control is a popular technology trend in the hospitality industry. Voice controls allow hotel guests to use Amazon Alexa, Siri, and similar devices in their rooms. Using just the sound of their voices, they can look for nearby restaurants, do mobile check-ins, find out what time an amusement park opens, or confirm the time they need to check out. Voice search can work with those devices as well as their personal phones. Guests no longer need to take employees away from their duties to handle the questions they have.


Contactless Payments


COVID-19 had a major impact on the hospitality industry, as many people found themselves quarantined at home or unwilling to travel. This period highlighted the need for contactless payments for a better booking process. Instead of asking a guest to stop by the front desk and pay in cash or with a credit card, guests can now pay automatically without any contact. They might use PayPal or another online service to make their payment and then pick up a key that is waiting for them. Some contactless technology companies also allow customers to pay via a QR code they scan with their phone or through an app.




Among the latest hospitality industry trends are robots. Many TV shows and movies over the years featured robots doing different things. Now is the perfect time to put modern robots to the test around your facility. They can handle some of the same tasks your employees do and make visitors feel like they're in a futuristic world. Cleaning robots are helpful in many situations because they can clean private rooms and shared spaces. You will also find room service robots that deliver meals to guests. An added bonus is that using robots can reduce your guests and employees' contact.




Chatbots give you a simple way to respond to guests in the middle of the night and during other odd hours. Many hotels have a concierge or a worker who is responsible for using the chatbot. Guests staying in a hotel can use the chatbot to schedule a morning wake-up call or when they need more towels. All requests automatically enter the system where workers can see and handle them. Another hotel trend involves the use of chatbots in lieu of a customer service rep. Visitors and guests can talk to a smart feature instead of a human.


Virtual Reality


Have you ever booked a hotel room that looked great online and arrived to find that it wasn't so nice? This is a problem plaguing travelers today, which is why virtual reality is so helpful. Hotels can use virtual reality as a way to show potential guests what the rooms look like. Guests can put themselves in those rooms and explore them to see if they want to stay there. Theme parks, zoos, and other attractions can also use virtual reality as a way to let guests explore before they arrive. Visitors have so much fun in the virtual world that they'll want to check it out in real life.


Recognition Technology


Facial recognition technology is a common feature found on many smartphones today. You can scan your face and stop your phone from unlocking for anyone else. The phone recognizes your face and only works for you. Facial recognition technology is just as popular among casinos. Many casinos have used it for years to detect people who they banned and customers known for cheating. The new software allows you to find important guests as soon as they arrive and gives them a great guest experience. You can also use the software to identify guests who stayed with you before and those who have caused issues in the past.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Using artificial intelligence (AI) in the hospitality industry is an easy way to keep track of guests and their needs. Many companies use AI to analyze data. A hotel might look at how long it's been since a guest last stayed there and send them a coupon to encourage them to return. AI also allows hotels to get rooms ready for returning guests because the workers can see the guests' requests, such as extra towels or shampoos in the bathroom and a roll away bed. AI can help theme parks and other businesses analyze their guests and keep track of important data.


Internet of Things (IoT)


The Internet of Things is a trend that lets customers and guests get control over multiple things with one central item. A good example is a phone app that allows them to check into a new room and check out when they leave. The app also serves as a smart key that gives them access to their room. Many hospitality and hotel apps also allow guests to pay via the app and add more money to it as needed to pay for drinks, food, and activities.


Augmented Reality (AR)


Augmented reality (AR) offers a different experience for customers because it pulls them into a new world. Hotels often offer guests a full tour of the different room types and areas. Guests can use AR to check out the swimming pool and fitness center before heading over to the on-site restaurant and entering some rooms. It also works well for restaurants, as diners can use AR to look over the menu and even see what some dishes look like. Some hospitality companies also use AR as a way to keep customers entertained with games and activities as they wait.




Even major companies have some cybersecurity problems. Both Target and Walmart were the victims of hackers who stole credit card details that their customers used. In today's world, you must show guests and customers that they are not at risk when they work or stay with you. You need to ensure you have a secure network that no one can access. This often includes the Wi-Fi that you allow guests to use, too. Visitors want to know that they can safely use that internet connection when they're away from home.


Latest Hospitality Marketing Trends


Hospitality marketing trends are just as important as technology trends. The way you market your business determines whether you get customers through the doors and increase profits, or you struggle to get guests and lose money. Using social media is one of the more popular trends. Not only can you share photos on Instagram and similar sites, but you can encourage your visitors to do so, too. You may even host contests that let former guests enter for the chance to win gift cards and other prizes.


Rewards programs are also popular across the hotel industry. Hotel chains often have reward programs that give guests points every time they spend the night. They can redeem their points to get a free night or more at their favorite hotel. Launching a program for an amusement park, conference center, or tour company is just as easy. Guests will love sharing their customer experiences online and may tag your business to recommend it to others.


Other popular marketing trends found in the hospitality industry include:


  • Offering staycations that give guests access to different activities with one booking.

  • Using videos rather than photos to give customers an immersive experience.

  • Promoting policies that make things easier for visitors, such as a money-back guarantee or cancellation refund.

  • Make it clear to visitors that your business does not sell their data to third-party companies.

  • Show customers that they can work on vacation with amenities like a business center or free faxing.

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Set yourself apart from all the other job seekers with a resume that highlights your knowledge of the current technology trends in the hospitality and travel industry. Make sure that employers know you're familiar with cybersecurity and contactless payments or AR and AI. Learn more about hospitality technology trends to stay abreast of big changes in the future, too.

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