How to Find Hospitality Jobs and Training Programs in the US as a Foreigner

How to Find Hospitality Jobs and Training Programs in the US as a Foreigner


The United States has a flourishing hospitality industry, catering to both city-dwellers seeking a night out and adventurers seeking a mountain retreat. The industry has provided countless newcomers from different countries with employment and career growth opportunities. 

As a foreigner and hospitality graduate, you have an opportunity to participate in a training or internship program in the US. However, it’s not a simple process to obtain a hospitality job and visa in the US as a foreigner. This is where we’re going to guide you and make it easier for you to understand the overall process. 

Hospitality jobs in the US or Europe are diverse and encompass a range of roles in food and beverage service in fine-dining restaurants. The industry also encompasses positions in lodging and recreation. With such a broad array of opportunities available, you can dive straight into the section that interests you most. From getting certified as a professional chef to managing restaurant operations, there are plenty of options out there if you know where to look.

Let’s find out what you need to do to get the right hospitality training program in the US


Understanding the US Hospitality Job Market

Before we explain the process of finding and obtaining a placement, let’s take a quick look at the US hospitality market and what you should expect. 

The US hospitality and leisure job market is thriving, with the industry accounting for 15.1 million employees and more than 1.82 million jobs. 

As someone looking to join this buzzing sector as a foreigner, you are in luck. With hundreds of training opportunities available across various states - from entry-level roles such as waiters or housekeepers to managerial positions - there’s something suitable out there no matter your experience level.