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Do I still need to pay the complete program fee if I already have my own insurance?

J-1 Visa regulations require that all exchange visitors and accompanying spouses and dependents are covered by insurance that meets or exceeds certain coverage limits. Insurance coverage may be provided by HRC or the exchange visitor.

If you choose to purchase and accept private insurance coverage from HRC, you will receive an insurance plan meets the insurance requirements. HRC will provide coverage from the Program begin date to the Program end date listed on your Form DS-2019 as well as the 30-day grace period. If you travel to the U.S. before the start date listed on Form DS 2019, and I inform HRC of your arrival date, HRC may provide coverage from the arrival date. It is your responsibility to verify when coverage starts.

If you choose to arrange your own insurance, HRC will first need to assess and pre-approve this insurance. HRC will provide you with a quote for this service, the amount of which will depend on the complexity, length and language of your insurance policy. HRC cannot guarantee that your own insurance will be approved.

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