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How much is my refund in case I will be rejected at the US consulate?

Upon acceptance by the employer, no refund of the program fee, insurance fee or visa fee is issued, except when: a) serious personal injury or death in the immediate family (parent or sibling) or b) denial of visa issuance by the immigration authority prevents you from starting the placement. If the application is cancelled before Form DS-2019 is issued, 100% of the paid J-1 visa fee and 100% of the paid program- and insurance fee minus a $200 non-refundable administrative fee is refunded . After Form DS-2019 is issued, but before arrival in the US, 50% of the paid J-1 visa fee and 100% of the paid program- and insurance fee minus a $200 non-refundable administrative fee is refunded. No refunds of any kind are issued after arrival in the US. SEVIS fees are non-refundable. In all cases, you are required to send back the original form DS-2019. In the event that you have prepaid program- and insurance fees, 100% of the prepaid months minus an admin fee of $25 will be refunded in full only for the full months that are unused. For refunds of the free visa program, scholarship program or financial aid program other rules may apply.

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