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Can I stay in the USA upon completion of my training program?

Unfortunately, we cannot assist you with staying in the U.S. following your program. There is a limit of 12 months for J1 visas in the hospitality industry, and you are not able to extend your program beyond that limit. Even if you are not subject to the two-year home-country physical presence requirement (INA 212(e) requirement) you are still not able to get another J1 immediately after your first one ends. Your ability to apply for another J1 visa is dictated not by that rule but by the Department of State regulations governing the Exchange Visitor Program, which states that "Trainees are eligible for additional training programs after a period of at least two years residency outside the United States following their initial training program." What it does mean, however, is that you do not have to reside outside of the U.S. for two years before applying for or changing your visa status to the H, K, L, or Legal Permanent Resident visas. HRC does not have any means to assist you with these or any other visa types besides the J1, but you may ask your employer or consult an immigration lawyer for details on whether or not you are eligible for another visa type.

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