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How long does it take for HRC to offer me a program? Can I reject the offer that HRC sends me? How will the interview process be with the host organization? How long does the whole process takes until I can start my program? What are the costs to participate in one of your career programs? Is there any age limit? What about accommodation? Can I apply for the Chinese program although I do not speak Chinese? How much is my refund in case I will be rejected at the US consulate? I am a hospitality graduate in the USA, can i still apply for the us program? In another word, I am not an international student. Are there are opportunities for placements after the completion of the career program in the USA How do I unsubscribe / delete my account from your website? How much money will I make? What is my salary? How much money will I make? What is my salary? Are there any restrictions of nationality or any maximum age to apply to the programs? Can you apply to the program if you have graduated more than a year ago? Do you offer positions outside of hospitality? Do you also offer 6 month programs for taking a training hospitality program? Do I need work experience? Does an internship count? Do I still need to pay the complete program fee if I already have my own insurance? Can I pay my program fee and visa payment via bank transfer if I do not own a credit card? How do I freeze my own insurance in my home country/country of residence? What would be my exact refund if I get hired but I decide to cancel everything before going to the embassy? Is it a must that I bring along a credit card to the USA? Is it necessary to bring my birth certificate to the USA? Do I still need to register with ESTA? At which stage do I need to pay the visa and insurance fees? What type of visa do I apply for if I get accepted to train in the US? What is the DS-160 and how do I fill it out? Do I have to pay for the J-1 visa or can my host employer pay that for me? Can I pay my visa payments via bank transfer if I do not own a credit card? How long does it take for HTP to send me the package which I need to take to the consulate? What does the visa package consist of? How long does it usually take to make an appointment at the U.S consulate? What happens if I do not receive the J-1 visa at the US consulate? Can I re-apply for my J-1 visa immediately if I am rejected at the consulate? Can I get a part time job while I’m on my J-1? Can I change host employer during my program? What if my training is terminated? If I get a job offer, but I am married and have a child, will my spouse and baby receive visas as well? How long will I have to pay the program fee? Can I stay in the USA upon completion of my training program? Can I apply for another program after I finish my current one? My passport has a stamp that mentions that the two year rule does not apply. Second placement / repeat participation What is the expiration date on my visa? What are the fees for the J2 visa? Where can I find your Terms and Conditions?

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