Alejandra's J-1 journey

Alejandra, L'Ermitage Beverly Hills, Culinary

Well, I can say the journey has been awesome. Literally I have learnt more than what I was expecting because I’m not just gaining experience on the culinary field, I’m also learning a lot of things that are in the game when we are talking about hospitality and this is so valuable because it would not be just useful for my career, it would also be for different aspects of my life.

I think this hotel was ideal to learn all of it because its ideology is awesome and very inspirational so everybody there is really kind and serviceable. I can say that there’s always someone ready to assist you on whatever you need with a smile on his face and that is amazing! I’m really, really grateful with all the people that is around me because they always draw a smile on my face and also they have helped me in different aspects like giving me all the essentials things like blankets and pillows! Hahaha

I have met wonderful people here who have taught me a lot. I think we have created a connection that I’m completely sure I will take with me my whole life. I have really had a wonderful and funny time here!

So I can just say thank you for making possible for me to live this amazing experience.


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