Caio's J-1 journey

Caio, Embassy Suites San Francisco, Rooms

I'm Caio, J1 from Brazil! I will tell you a little about my trajectory during the program!

At the beginning of the process, during the interviews, I was a little insecure and afraid of all the musings and what was coming until the moment I got on the plane and saw that my life would only grow from that moment! As soon as I arrived at the hotel I felt at home, all the staff welcomed me like family, making me more confident and confident!

Throughout my program, I went through ups and downs, missing home and at the same time feeling proud of all the progress and achievement I had made! I believe everyone should have this experience and be able to grow as a person and as a professional! Each day I feel more ready to face the labor market in my country and I am sure that everything I have spent here will add to my resume!

I am very grateful for HRC and my agency in Brazil for providing me with these moments of gratitude and achievement!

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