Gabriel's J-1 journey

Gabriel, Rosewood Sand Hill, Culinary

My name is Gabriel. I’m 23 and graduated in Culinary Arts Technology. I always dreamed in travel/discover the World and new cultures. Thanks to HRC's assistance, it was possible to reach a big step of this dream for living & working in a fine starred restaurant in San Francisco Bay Area, (a place where I always wanted to go). This is my 24th day in Menlo Park, CA, working at Rosewood Sand Hill Resort, and so far, the experience is absolutely amazing. In less than one month, I feel I’m a new person each day that pass, and the best part of it all is not only discovering a new place, but a new reality, a new personality that lives and emerges in the inner of me.

I want to thank all the HRC team support for making it possible and for the opportunity to prove myself every day of my professional development. So far, this experience changed my life completely for the best, and I’m pretty anxious for the next episodes and adventures until the last days

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