Boutique Hotel in Historic Charleston Seeking Housekeeping Supervisor!

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The boutique Hotel located in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina is offering an amazing RD opportunity!

On your days off visit the beach, tour a lighthouse, go on a walking tour of this beautiful oceanfront city and taste the world-class cuisine, or go on a ghost hunt!

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Placement Remarks

Uniforms are provided for hourly positions.

The Emeline does have an employee break room that provides lunch and snacks.

The Emeline does not provide transportation from the airport and recommends Lyft and Uber. The airport also has a shuttle. They do provide a 31-day bus pass upon arrival but recommend finding another source of transportation.

The Emeline provides 10 days of complimentary stay at the hotel, but do not provide housing past that time.

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Pay $16.00 -17.00

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Eligibility criteria for our Career USA programs: - you are enrolled in a post-secondary ministerially recognized academic institution in the hospitality industry OR - you have a hospitality degree and at least 1 year of recent relevant work experience in the (ultra) luxury hotel industry (outside of the USA) OR - you have 5 years recent relevant work experience in the (ultra) luxury hotel industry (outside the USA) - you have shown consistent career growth over the last years - you have shown serious commitment to your most recent employers
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Local info

Housing: Housing options in Charleston are extremely varied, depending on where the candidate would like to live. Apartments outside of downtown can be as cheap as $900 per month for a one-bedroom apartment, but downtown, the average price of a one-bedroom apartment downtown is around $1500 per month. It is recommended that candidates bring around $2500 for start-up money, because since they do not have the credit here in America, candidates will likely have to pay for their first and last months’ rent up front, plus a security deposit of likely a few hundred dollars. Below is a list of links to start your housing search in the area!,SC/

Transportation: Charleston is a very friendly city for those who prefer to walk, with plenty of sidewalks all around the city. Charleston also has plentiful bike trails as well. That being said, if you prefer mass transportation instead, Charleston does have a mass transit system in the form of “Low Country Rapid Transit” which is a bus system that goes all around the city. For specific information about getting around Charleston via mass transit, please see the below link. If you plan to travel around the region outside of Charleston, then you may wish to purchase a used vehicle. The average used car will cost you around $400 months, plus around $100 for car insurance.

Climate: South Carolina has a humid subtropical climate, with hot summers and mild winters. On average, between 40 inches (1,000 mm) and 80 inches (2,000 mm) of precipitation falls annually across the state. Tornadoes are very uncommon in the summer unless a tropical cyclone is present. Charleston is located directly on the South Carolina coast, as well, making the city very active in the summertime.

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April 3, 2023
RD - Housekeeping Supervisor RD - Reception - agent
Once you click the apply button, one of our wonderful career consultants will be notified of your interest in this position and will get back to you within two business days. When you qualify for the placement, the next step will be an introductory call to see if we can meet your expectations.
Job Rotations
Department Position Duration
Orientation Orientation 1 Months
Front Desk Agent 5 Months
Front Desk Supervisor 3 Months
Housekeeping Supervisor 3 Months

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