Demi Chef at World Class Dining Spot with a great team!

Detailed description

California Restaurant is seeking your culinary skills! Rotate throughout the kitchen from Garde Manger, Pastry, Sauté, and Grill station!

On your days off take in the sights of San Francisco! Drive across the Golden Gate Bridge, visit the Japanese Tea Garden, or walk around Fisherman's Wharf. There's so much more to do so don't miss out and apply now!

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Placement Remarks


We will provide a work shirts, aprons, and hat. You will have to bring his own shoes, black pants and own knives/tools. Please be responsible for your own tools and take care of them.
A meal for the entire staff is provided everyday; 1 hour before service starts. Cooked by members of the kitchen, you will need to participate in preparation of staff meal on various days.
Hourly employees are scheduled with two days off a week and acquire sick pay based on hours worked, but do not acquire vacation time in this company.

No housing is provided. This must be secured before you fly to the USA.

Client offering $1000 bonus upon arrival.

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$16.50/hr based on 40 hours a week
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Local attractions

San Francisco is a world-class city. With all of the typical amenities you would expect in a city of its caliber, like restaurants of every kind, and shopping of equal or even better quality, the city is uniquely historic as well. Please have a look at world-famous attractions in San Francisco here. See Climate for weather information on San Francisco.

Housing: Housing in San Francisco is very expensive depending on the area and size. Please start reviewing housing in the area prior to your arrival. The average studio apartment starts at around $1,000 per month, unfurnished, not including utilities, outside the city center. House sharing with other locals and/or J-1 exchange visitors is a great idea. Please note, that without established credit, your first and last month’s rent may be required as a deposit. HRC recommends you arrive with at least $2,500 as startup capital and to help secure housing. Please see,,,,,, or

Transportation: San Francisco is a very hilly city, so walking can be a bit challenging if you are not using public transport. However, it is still possible to walk around the city. Check out San Francisco public transportation and SFMTA.

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ALX Gastropub
San Francisco, CA
December 5, 2022
Chef - Commis
16.50 per hour
Once you click the apply button, one of our wonderful career consultants will be notified of your interest in this position and will get back to you within two business days. When you qualify for the placement, the next step will be an introductory call to see if we can meet your expectations.
Job Rotations
Department Position Duration
Orientation Orientation 1 Months
Garde Manger Cook/demi chef 1 Months
Pastry Pastry demi chef 2 Months
Saute station Cook/demi chef 2 Months
Meat/Grill station (hot line) Cook/demi chef 3 Months
Restaurant Supervisor / Chef de partie 3 Months

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