Expand your Robata grill skills at this new hot restaurant!

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Hot new restaurant in Miami is looking for YOU. Do you want to jump start your culinary career? Do you want the opportunity to learn from the best chefs in Miami? If so apply today. On your days off you can explore South Beach, go on an Swamp Tour, visit the Keys and much more!
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Placement Remarks

A staff meal and a uniform will be provided

You will earn up to 15 days off per year for vacation time.

Your employer will provide you with accommodations upon your arrival up to 14 days. After this you must secure your own housing.

It is best to fly into Miami International Airport.

Bring your own knives.

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Local info

Known as the cultural, economic, and financial hub of southern Florida, Miami is the second largest city in Florida as well by population. It is one of the most densely populated city’s in America as well with the 400,000 person population fit into a 36 square mile, or 93 square kilometer, area. That being said however, all of the Miami-Dade County area has over 2 million residents. Though you’ll find many houses and smaller buildings in Miami that reflect the city’s classic art deco style, calling back to an earlier point in the city’s history, the Miami of today is a thoroughly modern city. With one of the most active ports in America, and possible the world, Port Miami represents the extreme diversity that the city holds. Acting as an Americanized taste of Hispanic, especially Cuban, culture, Miami is a city without comparison in The United States.

The fantastic year round climate that Miami has makes it an extremely popular destination for tourists seeking cultural experiences, like the Perez Art Museum, or more relaxing attractions like the tremendous South Beach area. For the shopper in all of us stands the inviting Bayside Marketplace area as well as The Shops at Midtown Miami! For a more comprehensive list of places to see and visit during your time in Miami, feel free to look over the provided list of links in the “Local attractions” section of this document!

Transportation: You can get around Miami using the metro-rail system or the public buses as well. While you can definitely walk around certain parts of the city, especially downtown, travelling any large distances might be challenging without a car. While you don’t have to have one to live in Miami, it would be helpful to have one. At the below website, you can see more specific information about Miami public transportation.



You can find a one bedroom apartment unfurnished in Miami for just under $1300, so apartments in Miami are fairly average price-wise. Below is a list of helpful websites that could help expedite your housing search! To cut down on costs, we also recommend sharing an apartment with another j1 or local American. Helpful websites include www.roommates.com and www.roomies.com

Please note, without established credit your first and last month’s rent may be required as a deposit. HRC recommends you arrive with at least $2,500 as startup capital and to help secure housing.








Climate: Miami is located at one of the most southern part of the Florida “panhandle”, meaning that it has a fairly tropical climate. This means that Florida experiences frequent short bursts of rain and year-round warm weather. It is also usually very humid in Miami is well, making it feel even hotter. All of that said though, Miami is flanked on the east by beautiful coastline, and beaches that can be used year-round thanks to the perpetual warm weather.

Local Attractions:

Midtown Miami Shopping Mall: http://midtownmiamishops.com/

Bayside Market Place: https://www.baysidemarketplace.com/

South Beach: https://www.visitflorida.com/en-us/cities/south-beach.html

Perez Art Museum Miami: https://www.pamm.org/

Bayfront Park: http://www.bayfrontparkmiami.com/

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens: http://vizcaya.org/

Zoo Miami: https://www.zoomiami.org/

Wynwood Walls: http://www.thewynwoodwalls.com/

Miami Design District: https://www.miamidesigndistrict.net/

The Venetian Pool in Coral Gables: https://www.coralgables.com/venetian-pool

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Sexy Fish
Miami, FL
January 3, 2022
Chef - Commis
12.00 per hour
Once you click the apply button, one of our wonderful career consultants will be notified of your interest in this position and will get back to you within two business days. When you qualify for the placement, the next step will be an introductory call to see if we can meet your expectations.
Job Rotations
Department Position Duration
Orientation Orientation 1 Months
Restaurant Sushi demi Chef de partie 3 Months
Meat/Grill station (hot line) Cook/demi chef 4 Months
Restaurant Sushi demi Chef de partie 4 Months

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