Train Napa Valley California as a Hotline chef at this Hip Restaurant!

Detailed description

You will have a great time training at this trendy Restaurant while residing in Napa Valley! On your days off you can take in the sights of Napa, one of the world’s premier wine regions and famous for its prized Cabernet Sauvignon. Visit teh local castles and historic sites, or just enjoy the views! There's so much to to here while training with a great Chef and team, so apply now before it's too late!

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Placement Remarks

Salary: $13.00 per hour may increase based on experience.

You will train during the AM and PM shifts.

The restaurant assists with finding housing and no need to get a car or moped as long as they are happy to walk or co share transportation. You MUST reach out to chef Sean before arriving to coordinate and to see if there is housing available. HRC will connect you with a current J1 candidate in the area prior to your arrival.

Benefits: A Chef Jacket and apron is offered. You will be required to bring your own dark pants, slip resistant black shoes, and your own knives and utensils to operate a station.
A daily complimentary staff meal is offered.

Candidate Must be willing to purchase a car or moped upon arrival.

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$13.00 per hour may increase based on experience.
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Local info

Transportation: Travel around Napa Valley can be challenging depending on where you are living relative to Torc. It is entirely possible that you may need a car during your time here. Remember to consider the cost of purchasing a vehicle and vehicle insurance. On average, a J-1 participant can expect to pay upwards of $400 on a used car payment per month and $150.00 per month for vehicle insurance. That being said, there is a modest bus system that goes around Napa called The VINE. A link to the VINE website is provided below.

Good Option for housing: Arden Extended Stay:

Housing: The average one bedroom apartment in Napa, California costs around $2000 a month. It is recommended that candidates reach out to other J1s in the area so they can try to find housing with one of them to help lower the cost of their monthly housing.

Climate: This region of northern-California is famous for its fairly mild year round climate, featuring summers usually in the mid to high 70s°F (mid 20°C) and winters often in the range of the high 50s°F to lower 60s°F (mid 10°C). Rainfall in the region is almost non-existent during the summer time, but it makes up for it in the winter months, causing Napa Valley to get around 20 inches (51.8 mm) of rain annually.

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Napa Valley, CA
January 3, 2022
13.00 per hour
Once you click the apply button, one of our wonderful career consultants will be notified of your interest in this position and will get back to you within two business days. When you qualify for the placement, the next step will be an introductory call to see if we can meet your expectations.
Job Rotations
Department Position Duration
Orientation Orientation 1 Months
Meat/Grill station (hot line) Cook/demi chef 2 Months
Garde Manger Cook/demi chef 2 Months
Fish station Cook/demi Chef 2 Months
Pastry Pastry demi chef 2 Months
Entremetier Supervisor / Chef de partie 3 Months

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