Unique program to become a Pastry Chef de Partie in California!

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Unique program to become a Pastry Chef de Partie here! Rotate through all of the pastry area as Bread Baker, Demi Chef and become Chef de Partie!

Michelin rated restaurant that focuses on a fine dining interpretation of the classic American steakhouse with hints of Japanese influence laced into the menu. This restaurant is the flagship restaurant for the hotel group. Located in Cupertino, California south of San Francisco and west of San Jose. Enhance your pastry culinary skills while exploring the California adventures it has to offer!

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Placement Remarks

Housing and transportation are your own responsibility.

Benefits: We offer a chef coat, apron, and hat. Only requirement from employee is to bring their own non-skid kitchen shoes and chef tools.

It is recommended that the candidates fly into San Jose Airport.

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$15.35 per hour plus overtime hours
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Fine dining highly preferred

*Eligibility criteria for our Career USA programs:

- you are enrolled in a post secondary ministerially recognized academic institution in the hospitality industry


- you have a hospitality degree and at least 1 year of recent relevant work experience in the (ultra) luxury hotel industry (outside of the USA)


- you have 5 years recent relevant work experience in the (ultra) luxury hotel industry (outside the USA)
- you have shown consistent career growth over the last years
- you have shown serious commitment to your most recent employers

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Local info

As previously mentioned, this location for Alexander’s Steakhouse is located in Cupertino, California. Cupertino is a portion of the greater San Jose area, located directly south of San Francisco. San Jose is a world famous city, being the cultural, economic and political hub of “Silicon Valley”, arguably America’s most critical region for the thriving tech industry. As such, San Jose itself has become a thriving community, with countless attractions, museums, and sites to see! For example, San Jose is home to the largest building in the Western United States, The Martin Luther King Jr. Library! San Jose is also the location of the SoFA District, a local arts, entertainment and cultural hub, which plays host to numerous art galleries, theatres, and other cultural institutions! These are only the tip of the ice berg when it comes to experiencing San Jose however, and in the "Local attractions" section you can find a list of numerous activities in the area!

Leah T for TripAdvisor: “Wonderful restaurant. Deserving a Michelin star or two. Everything we had was delicious and well presented. The service and wine list - top notch.”
Cricketteer for TripAdvisor: “I've been to Alexander's a couple of hours now. Everything had always been amazing. To be able to enjoy the beautifully prepared Wagyu beef is such an outstanding experience. Many of the other items on the menu are imaginative and tasty. Great place to a special meal.”

Housing: One of the challenges many people face in Cupertino is finding affordable housing. It is an extremely expensive housing market, but that does not mean that finding a place to live is impossible.
https://www.zillow.com/ - San Jose apartments under $2000 per month

Transportation: Getting around San Jose is fairly simply. It is a very walkable city with plentiful sidewalks and trails, but beyond that San Jose has a fairly robust public transportation system. San Jose has numerous bus routes through out the city, as well as a number of light-rail and train options as well. That being said, if you plan to do much travelling outside of the city, you will likely want to get a car. A typical used car will cost around $400 per month, with around $100 in insurance costs as well. Other methods of transportation include Uber and Lyft, though costs could be significant if they are used as an everyday means of transportation. Below this you can find a link to the actual San Jose public transportation website, where you can find some very specific information regarding the best way you can get around San Jose!

Climate: San Jose, like most of the Bay Area, has a Mediterranean climate, with warm to hot, dry summers and mild to cool, wet winters. San Jose has an average of 301 days of sunshine and an annual mean temperature of 60.5 °F (15.8 °C). It lies inland, surrounded on three sides by mountains, and does not front the Pacific Ocean like San Francisco. As a result, the city is somewhat more sheltered from rain, giving it a semiarid feel with a mean annual rainfall of 15.82 inches or 401.8 millimetres, compared to some other parts of the Bay Area, which can receive about three times that amount.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library: https://www.sjpl.org/king

SoFA Disctict: http://sofadistrict.org/

Mexican Heritage Plaza: http://www.mhplaza.com/

Kelley Park: https://www.sanjose.org/listings/kelley-park

Winchester Mystery House: https://winchestermysteryhouse.com/

The Tech Museum of Innovation: https://www.thetech.org/

Guadalupe River Trail: https://www.traillink.com/trail/guadalupe-river-trail/

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Alexander's Steakhouse
Cupertino, CA
April 5, 2022
Chef - Pastry - Commis
15.35 per hour
Once you click the apply button, one of our wonderful career consultants will be notified of your interest in this position and will get back to you within two business days. When you qualify for the placement, the next step will be an introductory call to see if we can meet your expectations.
Job Rotations
Department Position Duration
Orientation Orientation 1 Months
Pastry Bread Baker 1 Months
Pastry Pastry demi chef 6 Months
Pastry Supervisor / Chef de partie 4 Months

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