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Advance your career at a stunning coastal resort!


Fort Lauderdale, FL



Detailed description

Advance from a host/greeter and server to a Supervisor at stunning coastal resort!

Located right on Fort Lauderdale Beach, The Atlantic Hotel & Spa offers unprecedented access to the beautiful Florida coast. A busy and thriving community, Fort Lauderdale is the perfect place to live for any person that loves the relaxing nature of a beach community, but also wants the activities and worldly nature of more populous cities.

Placement Remarks

Salary: $10.00/ hr based on 40 hours – Overtime paid 1.5 base on hours work and tips when in tipping positions

The J1- Interns will be provided uniform shirts/blouses based on their position, their pants etc. they will be responsible for. Host position they will need to bring and wear their own professional wear attire, close in- slip resistance black shoes.

There is meal charge of $5.00; selective menu. Break room available where the candidate can warm up their luncheon in the microwave, given 30 minute non-paid break
After 90 days, the candidate is entitled to 16 hours PTO off - Vacation entitlement 40 hours completion of 1 year of service
Company does not provide transportation for pick-up, so candidate must find transportation once arrived in the US. Recommended Airport – Ft. Lauderdale International Hollywood Airport/ optional Miami International Airport is 1 hour away from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida is
Hotel suggests that the candidate...


Salary: $10.00/ hr based on 40 hours – Overtime paid 1.5 base on hours work and tips when in tipping positions

Local attractions

Las Olas Boulevard:
Hugh Taylor Birch State Park:
International Swimming Hall of Fame:
Fort Lauderdale Swap Shop:

Hollywood Beach:
Fort Lauderdale Beach:
Delray Beach:

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The Atlantic Hotel & Spa

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