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Food and Beverage superstar needed at this elegant hotel!



Milford, PA



Detailed description

Ready to become talented outlets Supervisor? rotate through fine dining food service, reservation coordinator, and even gain experience as an outlets supervisor!

Fantastic career opportunity at a Relais & Chateaux small luxury hotel just 75 miles outside of New York City. Located on the Delaware River, this stylish and modern hotel features fine dining, a conservatory, and a garden. You will rotate through fine dining food service, reservation coordinator, and even gain experience as an outlets supervisor! This is a unique opportunity for outgoing and driven professionals looking for small luxury hotel F&B experience. Apply now!

Placement Remarks

Reservation Concierge: $8/hour
Outlets Server - $3/hour plus tips (you should expect to earn between $8-$15 per hour in tips). All tips will be included on your paycheck in accordance to the Company’s tip-sharing pool system. You are guaranteed a minimum hourly wage of $7.25. Average tips per week: $400 (seasonal)
Outlets Supervisor $9/hour

You will need to bring the following for your uniform: black jacket, black slacks, black shoes and a white long sleeve shirt, all of good quality.

The hotel can offer pick up at Newark Liberty Airport in New Jersey during normal business hours with advance notice. The hotel provides one staff meal per day at no cost. Accomodations within walking distance to the property is provided by the hotel at a cost of $50 per week for shared dormitory style accomodations or $100/week for a private room. .

You may want to purchase a car, moped or bike upon your arrival. NYC is just 75 miles.


$7.25-$15 per hour


Applicant must have 6-12 months in fine dining at 4-5 star hotel. Well groomed. Professional attitude.

Local attractions

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