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Luxury resort seeks Culinary Trainee!


San Martin, CA



Detailed description

Train throughout many of the kitchen stations to learn the most of each position at this amazing resort in California. Housing offered at a cost! Join this 5 star luxury resort in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Voted #10, "Best Hotels in California" Don't miss out an this amazing training opportunity!

Placement Remarks

Transportation to hotel:
Airport to hotel: The employer will provide pick up at San Jose airport with at least one week notice.

Local Transportation: Information on local bus and rail public transportation can be found at A Trip Planner is also available on that website. However, public transportation is very limited in the local areas so candidates are advised to buy a car or moped either individually or shared with other j-1s. We recommend that you bring an additional $1500-3000 to accommodate the costs associated with purchasing a reliable vehicle, vehicle insurance $300-$500/year. Monthly gas and maintenance is usually @$150. Vehicles in the state of California are required to be insured.

Is provided by the host employer to include: The Director of HR will meet you on your date of arrival to welcome our new associates; We will give them a property...


Base Pay $14.00 per hour

Local attractions

Wings of History:
Museum of American Heritage

San Jose Museum of Art
San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles
Winchester Mystery House

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