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Modern sheek hotel wants dedicated Food and Beverage Specialist


Washington, DC



Detailed description

Searching for passionate F&B personally who want to have fun, enjoys talking to others while providing the best service! Washington DC is an exciting town to explore the free museums and soak up the culture while training in the USA.

Placement Remarks


Rate of pay is aprox $15.00 per hour over the 12 months of training.

Free uniform and meal provided. In F&B please bring your own jeans or khakis and shirts. To be discussed at interview time. In the Rooms training, a uniform is provided. As a culinary trainee, please bring your own knives.

Housing will be offered for the first 14 days of training based on occupancy if not at this hotel or another sister hotel at no cost for room and tax.

From the airport you can take uber, taxi or the metro to get to the hotel.


As a restaurant host, they'll be paid a base rate of $17 an hour

As a deli operations attendant/barista, they'll be paid a base rate of $15 per hour and they'll earn gratuity.

As a server, they'll be paid a base rate of $11.50 per hour, and they'll earn gratuity.

As a supervisor, they'll be paid a base rate of $22.50 per hour.

Local attractions

Lincoln memorial:
The White House:
The Washington Monument:
The Jefferson Memorial:
The Capital Building:
The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum:
The Smithsonian:
The Library of Congress:
The National Gallery of Art:

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The Wink Washington DC

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