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New York City gourmet restaurant seeks Food and Beverage Supervisor!


New York City



Detailed description

On your days off go and explore all the rich culture of New York City!

Placement Remarks


A family meal is provided per shift.

As an hourly employee you will earn 10 days off a year to use as your Personal Time Off.

A uniform is provided. Bring your own suits for the Supervisor role.

The host employer can assist with airport pick up if needed; however you need to secure housing before your arrival as housing is not offered.

A car is not necessary unless you want it and based on where you live. You can find housing along the transit line: and

Metrocard will be reimbursed monthly to the trainee


Starting rate of pay $15.00 per hour.


Must have fine dining experience; Michelin star would be highly preferred. 1 year of Food&Beverage experience.

Local attractions

Publication end date