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Service employee wanted for Düsseldorf Chateau






Detailed description

The Châteauform Group was founded in 1996 and is
the European leader in the reception of seminars and
events for companies. Châteauform currently comprises
63 special locations in Europe, of which 8 have been in
Germany. These houses are mostly castles or historic
buildings, which have been completely restored and
restored in a special way
The company's credo is to create experiences
and actively support companies with a special
atmosphere in the successful course of the seminar.
Values such as conviviality, generosity,
flexibility, naturalness, gentleness, friendliness,
simplicity, home-made cuisine, high-tech and carefree
all-in-prices are put into the centre and actively lived.

Placement Remarks

A flat hierarchy structure that allows you to look beyond the box

Regular attendance at training and internal company events

A team where you can grow and develop yourself

Support to find an accommodation in Düsseldorf at your arrival

The possibility to bring some rest of food at home

Possibility for mobility in others castle


based on age and experience


Whether by trade or by nature, he/she enjoys serving others, including greeting them and sharing information with them. In a word, he/she is devoted. He/she is very gracious, energetic, and organised, and he/she loves working within a team. He/she comes to Châteauform’ for the friendliness and the flexibility between being the host and serving others. He/she does not need to know the techniques of the trade (cutting, top-of-the-line service, etc.), but he/she must always be on his toes and finish his work before leaving. This is often his first job, so he/she has much to learn and must be able to accept criticism and follow directions. Ideally, he/she has some knowledge of English hospitality.

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