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Stunning resort seeking Assistant Front Officer Manager!


Napa, CA



Detailed description

Explore the US for 18 months while employed as an Assistant Front Office manager at a stunning California resort!

Your program will focus on the operations, finances, and management skills required of an assistant front office manager.

Placement Remarks

You will need to bring your own suits for this position.
The training phases will be learned concurrently.

Hours over 40 per week will result in overtime pay at time and a half which is $25.50 per hour.

One complimentary meal per shift.

Vacation/PTO will begin to accrue from the start of the program. After 90 days of employment, there are eligible for for up to 3 weeks in PTO/Vacation time.

The hotel will arrange pickup for the candidate upon arrival and will house the candidate for the first 14 days of their program until they secure more permanent housing.

There is no reliable transportation. Therefore, you will need to purchase a car or moped upon your arrival. You should be prepared to bring at least $2000 for a used car. You will also need to have a driver’s license before you arrive; otherwise, to take the California Drivers Test, will take at least 8 weeks to complete.


$17.00 per hour

Local attractions

State Parks


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Carneros Resort and Spa

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