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Train as a Front Office Manager at this Luxury Hotel!



New York, NY



Detailed description

Luxury midtown hotel looking for multi-talented Front Office Manager! Rotate from operational, management, and financial positions!

Exciting career opportunity at beautiful 4* hotel. City centered and surrounded by a plethora of cultural activities, this hotel offers so much to do and is a fun place to work! You will go through the reception/ front desk, work as assistant Manager, and even gain experience in Operational and Financial areas. Apply now to explore this new opportunity!

Placement Remarks

Salary: $50,000/annually

Management candidates must bring their own suits. Dry cleaning provided on site. Complimentary meal provided per shift worked.

Employees will receive 13 days of vacation per year. Paid time off begins to accrue on day one, but cannot be used until 90 days of employment have been completed. The candidate will accrue approximately one day of PTO per month.

Hotel will provide up to two weeks of housing upon arrival but must be coordinated in advance with HR.


$55,000 annually


These programs require prior Asst Restaurant Manager experience.

Local attractions

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