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Various Positions (Reception, Kitchen Helper, Guest Relations, F&B Attendant)


Hokkaido, Japan



Placement Remarks

Starting on 26 November, so should arrive in Tomamu on 25 November.
Special (language) skills? English C1/C2 Japanese not required by Club Med, but it is better to start study Japanese before departure.


Salary: Gross 172,000yen / Net 114,000yen after deducted tax, insurance, accommodation and meals
Accommodation : Single Room
Other benefits? Free ski lift season pass


Age: 20+ years old
Education: High School Diploma or higher degree
Work Experience: Preferable hospitality or culinary experience
Nationalities: From working Holiday partner countries with Japan: Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, France, Germany, UK, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia and Austria.
Languages: English: Native or Business level (C1)
Second languages: More welcome if candidates can speak Chinese, Korean, Thai and Japanese.

Appearance: Men: No mustache and long hair, no pierced earing while working. Women: Principle hair style is “ball book” or “dumpling ”, not ponytail. Make -up up required. Not long nail. The pierced earring prohibited which is besides the earlobe at the time of uniform wear. Commonness of men and women: Not tattoo on the visible parts.

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