The Hottest New Hotels in the USA According to TripAdvisor Awards

The hospitality industry has faced a couple of rough years, and hotels have been no exception to this struggle. With business models that rely on large groups of people staying in one building and taking advantage of the amenities there, some companies have had to modify how they admit guests, how safety standards work, and what kinds of services they might be able to offer their patrons. That said, things are starting to get back on track, and TripAdvisor has released its special awards for the hottest hotels in the US right now.


The Full List

TripAdvisor can help potential guests with lodging, transport, and general booking, but it also has a lot of user-generated content. Based on this content, the company can provide curated lists of some of the best businesses in the hospitality industry that people rank just like you. Some of their criteria may include views, service, comfort, activities, and more. Without further fanfare, please feel free to check out the top 10 list below based on the ranking of Trip Advisor's 2022 Travelers' Choice Awards.


The Lyle Washington DC in Washington, DC

Train to be outlet supervisor in this Art Deco Hotel!

Finding a great location is half the battle when it comes to a good hotel, but the Lyle's Washington DC base has travelers covered. It sits just in the heart of the city, so you're never very far away from being able to partake in the hustle and bustle of one of the busiest metropolises in the country. Additionally, it sports some old charm thanks to its structure being what was once an apartment complex done in an artistic style popularized a century ago. Due to its roots as a residential building, guests find that the rooms tend to have a relaxed, lived-in feeling, all without looking dirty or unkempt in any way. This city can be a busy place with lots to do, but that also comes with a degree of speed or noise from which you might want refuge from time to time. The Lyle is the perfect place to get a break and recharge for your next DC adventure.


Pendry Manhattan West in New York City, New York

One of the top locations for The Pendry, its Manhattan West branch is one of the most popular, and this is primarily thanks to its proximity to one of New York's fastest-growing neighborhoods. In here, you'll be able to find easy, quick access to dining, shopping, and general cultural experiences that will give you an excellent feel for what life in New York City is truly like. The famous Gachot Studios takes care of the rooms' interior design, which features 30 suite options for guests who would prefer a bit of an upgrade. Further, the rooms themselves provide inviting, warm palettes and details to help facilitate an excellent sense of calm when you might need it most. Pendry offers excellent food and beverage destinations of its own for you to try before venturing out in the wider world of NYC, too. This five-star hospitality experience also comes with historic, landmark views right from your window and amenities such as walk-in showers to make things more accessible for guests who need a bit of extra help and comfort.


The Belvada Hotel in Tonopah, Nevada

If you're looking for a hospitality destination that speaks to luxury, you needn't look any further than the Belvada in the state of Nevada. The city of Tonopah decided to create something that had a modern appeal for the contemporary traveler, and construction on this site reached its completion only in 2020, just as the whole industry struggled to stay afloat. Fortunately, the Belvada is still there, making its home in one of the city's historic landmarks. Once a prime spot for the likes of jewelers, bankers, and even miners who made the area their home, this hotel takes inspiration from classic architecture and incorporates it into a modern look. While the professionals who run the hotel might tell you that it is an excellent location for business, travelers looking for a leisure spot shouldn't let that stop them from checking the place out. The boutique atmosphere that the building and its decorations exude makes it an excellent choice for professionals and merrymakers alike.


The Bottleworks Hotel in Indianapolis, Indiana

When one thinks of hotels, it is unlikely that a bottling plant is the first thing that should come to mind. However, that's precisely the sort of presumption that the Bottleworks Hotel in Indiana would like to put to rest. Situated in a renovated plant that was once a part of what would be known as the largest bottling plant for Coca-Cola products the world over, the Bottleworks goes for a theme of modern luxury that combines a bit of history along with it. Modern architecture and various artworks both mix smoothly with Asian-inspired cuisine, services that cater to business conferences, and a general atmosphere that makes it a place travelers unhesitatingly feel is cool, modern, and refreshing all at once. Many of the rooms you'll find at the Bottleworks have great space for individuals, couples, or larger groups, and the way things are structured tends to keep everything quiet. For a little extra peace, you can also make use of blackout curtains to filter out possible light pollution and get the rest you need.


The Under Canvas Lake Powell–Grand Staircase in Big Water, Utah

For some people, hotels are just places to sleep and recharge before seeing the next big thing on their journey. While you will undoubtedly find plenty of rest at the Under Canvas Lake Powell location in Utah, that isn't all you will find. This hotel prides itself on being able to offer guests stunning views that can make leaving your room seem like a bit of a chore. Thanks to its unique location atop the rim of a plateau, guests are treated to some of the most scenic views that the city of Big Water has to offer. Those views might extend for miles in any direction, and they'll include an impressive national monument and views of picturesque lakes. Part of the unique experience you can have at this hotel is that of a sort of glamorous camping experience. This hotel gets part of its name from the series of canvas tents that dot the landscape. Far from being the relatively simple structures, you might expect, these tents can look just as comfortable and modern as a small hotel room when you step inside. Additionally, you'll have easy access to a range of fun outdoor activities during your stay.


The Ameswell Hotel in Mountainview, California

The staff at the Ameswell in Mountainview prefer to describe it as the perfect place in which social engagements can merge with business matters, and it is easy to see why once you opt for a stay here in California. The various headquarters for globally recognized tech giants such as Apple, Google, and Facebook are all within just a short distance of this hotel. Because of this, it's an excellent place for anyone in the tech field to find a nice place to plan out some work nearby. That doesn't mean that traveling guests looking for a relaxing experience can't enjoy the Ameswell, though, thanks to the place being relatively close to attractions like stadiums or outdoor theaters. Further, you can unwind even more with just a short jaunt to beach towns such as Half Moon Bay or Santa Cruz. With a deep appreciation for art and nature ever-present at the Ameswell, it is easy for guests to separate work and social life whenever they need to do so.


The Pendry West Hollywood in West Hollywood, California

Another Pendry location is in California, and it seems to exemplify the Hollywood Hills lifestyle that residents and people passing through might come to expect. Although the building and amenities you'll find within both seem to have a modern appeal, the location itself is at the very heart of culture, music, and film industries that have made the whole area famous around the globe for the past several decades. There are dozens of restaurants nearby, each capable of giving travelers a unique look into the cuisine that makes this part of the country such a popular destination. If you like to get out and see things on your own time, the location of Pendry West Hollywood means that it gets an almost perfect score from TripAdvisor for hotels that are great for people who like to walk. No matter what time you arrive for your stay, you also have the option for room service that runs 24 hours a day.


The Blossom Hotel Houston in Houston, Texas

Many travelers who stop by the Blossom in Houston like to think of it as something that is quite innovative in the broader hospitality industry. This sense probably comes from how the 2021 location has crafted a large portion of its rooms around lunar themes that tend to make the famous Space City vibes that have helped Houston go down as a part of global history. Additionally, there is a certain minimalist style about the place, but it is one that doesn't take away from the comfort and luxury that guests staying there can expect. If you enjoy traveling with your favorite furry companions, the Blossom is a great choice, offering a selection of rooms that are friendly to pets. Previous travelers have noted that the various amenities offered here seem to be particularly well-appointed, and friendly staff members are prepared to help guests with any requests that might make their stays even more palatable.


The Colton House Hotel in Austin, Texas

Local crafts and artistry seem to be the name of the game for the Colton House Hotel in Austin. It's something that pays off well, and many artists have worked hard to provide paintings, splashes of color, and other things that give this particular place a look that you won't find anywhere else in the country. Similarly, much of the furniture and fixtures that you'll find for the rooms are crafted by skilled artisans and handpicked to create an atmosphere that combines Austin with the likes of different bohemian influences. Many guests appreciate the spacious rooms and the fact that the location is pet-friendly.


The Arlo Midtown in New York City, New York

If your goal is to travel to New York and stay in a hotel that is both massive and centrally located, it would be hard to find a place more suitable than the Arlo Midtown. This hotel boasts nearly 500 rooms, and it is situated between Hudson Yards, the Garment District, and the city's historic Times Square. The Arlo Midtown's aim is to merge elements of natural beauty with contemporary, urban styles seamlessly, and it does this with calm color palettes, tones of brushed metal, and a fusion of leather accents all in one. Aside from all of the luxury, many guests comment specifically on the professional attitudes and helpfulness of the staff at this hotel.



Figuring out where to stay in order to get the most out of your rare traveling experiences might seem like no easy task. Fortunately, the TripAdvisor Awards take a lot of the guesswork out of this equation for you. The rankings that the company gives are based on a plethora of reviews from people all across the world. Each person who comes to stay at one of these establishments is also looking for the finest food, the greatest views, the most comfortable rooms, and memories or experiences to last a lifetime. Thanks to tallying all the reviews, these hotels in our list are some of the top ones that will provide outstanding services or amenities to make your trip relaxing and exciting at the same time.
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