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Hilton Washington DC...
Washington, D.C.
65000 per year
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The Roosevelt Hotel New...
New Orleans, Louisiana
15.00 per hour
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The Westin Arlington Gateway
Arlington, VA
$16.00 per hour
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The Ritz-Carlton Portland
55000 per year
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Cafe Zoetrope
San Francisco, CA
23.00 per hour
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The Charter Oak Restaurant,...
Napa Valley, California
18.00 per Hour
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The Charter Oak Restaurant,...
Napa Valley, California
18.00 per Hour
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Bold Hotels
Frankfurt, Germany
€‎2,400 gross per month
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AMERON Neuschwanstein...
Hohenschwangau, Germany
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AMERON Neuschwanstein...
Hohenschwangau, Germany
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are hospitality jobs?

Hospitality jobs are any positions within the hospitality industry, which includes hotels, restaurants, resorts, cruise ships, and other leisure-related services. These jobs can take many forms and include occupations such as front desk staff, housekeepers, bartending/serving staff, event planners, chefs/cooks, waitstaff, concierges, spa attendants and operations managers. Hospitality workers generally provide customer service to clients and guests in a welcoming and friendly manner.

What jobs can you get with a hospitality degree?

A hospitality degree can lead to a variety of jobs in the field. Here are some of the most popular and common pathways for those with a hospitality degree:

  1. Hotel management – If you’re interested in helping manage the operations of a hotel, this can be an ideal job for someone with a hospitality degree.
  2. Event planning – This will involve working with clients to plan events such as conferences, parties, receptions, etc., and could involve everything from venue selection to scheduling.
  3. Hospitality sales – Representing a hospitality company and selling products or services can be an attractive option for those with an understanding of the industry.
  4. Tourism management – Those who have studied hospitality and understand how tourism impacts communities can easily find work managing tourist attractions or tourism campaigns in their area.
  5. Food services management – For those who have studied hotel and restaurant management or food service management specifically, this can be a great option for finding employment.

What is hospitality management jobs?

Hospitality management jobs involve managing various aspects of customer service in the hospitality industry, such as hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, resorts, and other customer-facing businesses. Hospitality management roles may include overseeing front desk operations, planning events and conferences, training staff on customer service techniques, developing policies and procedures for guest satisfaction, handling customer complaints and feedback, coordinating with vendors to ensure quality products and services are delivered to customers, and more. Hosptiality management positions require strong interpersonal skills as well as a good understanding of the hospitality industry.

Which country is best for hospitality jobs?

There are a number of countries that have excellent hospitality job opportunities. Some of the top countries to consider include:

  1. Netherlands: Thanks to its High standards of service, English proficiency, Developed tourism infrastructure, Strong economy and Cultural heritage attractions the Netherlands is a great country to develop your skills.
  2. The United States: With some of the world’s best hotels and restaurants, the US offers great hospitality jobs in a wide variety of industries.
  3. France: From its iconic luxury hotels to its renowned gastronomy, France is one of the top destinations for hospitality jobs in Europe.
  4. Canada: Offering stunning landscapes and diverse cultures, Canada is an increasingly popular destination for those seeking hospitality employment.
  5. Japan: With its impressive attention to detail and award–winning cuisine, Japan is one of the most popular spots for those looking for a career in hospitality.
  6. Australia: Australia offers plenty of opportunities in terms of tourism and hospitality jobs across its many islands and cities

What are the highest paying jobs in hospitality?

The highest paying jobs in hospitality vary widely, but may include roles such as hotel manager, event planner, or executive chef.

Hotel managers are responsible for managing all aspects of a hotel, including staff, management of resources and equipment, guest experience and journeys as well as marketing and pricing. Event planners take care of details such as venue selection, catering arrangements and décor projects to create memorable experiences for guests. Executive chefs oversee the day-to-day operations of the kitchen while also developing menus that satisfy customers' palates.

Additionally, great customer service skills can provide job seekers with numerous opportunities in hospitality careers. A job in front desk operations combines skills in problem solving and communication to ensure guests have an enjoyable stay. Working in sales and marketing requires creativity to develop campaigns that attract new customers.

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