The World's Best Food Cities For This Year

The World_s Best Food Cities For This Year

To say we're in the middle of a food renaissance is a disservice. Thanks to some of the hottest chefs around the globe, we're now in the midst of a food revolution that will change the way people think about food for years to come. Whether you're hunting for yummy dishes in your backyard or planning a trip overseas, check out the world's best cities for food this year.

Best Foodie Cities in the World: Our Picks

Our picks for the best foodie cities in the world include some of the biggest cities in the United States as well as some international hotspots. Whether you want to visit a single city or plan a big adventure, we can help you find the best cities to hit. Please take a look at our list before you plan your next vacation.

1. Bangkok

You can only plan a foodie tour of Thailand if you plan to spend a few days in Bangkok. Once you sample the authentic Thai dishes and check out some of the night markets, you may want to stay a little longer. Grab a bowl of steaming noodles made by hand or a delicious combo of meats served on sticks.

2. Naples

Naples pizza is completely unlike any pizza you had before, but that dish is just one reason to plan a trip to Italy. This pizza is different from those served in other regions because it features just cheese and homemade tomato sauce, though some chefs offer other toppings. Dozens of restaurants offer seasonal dishes made from ingredients picked by farmers the same day, as well as one of the best coffee scenes in the world.

3. Paris

The City of Lights is perfect for a romantic getaway, but you'll love sharing the food with your friends and family, too. Make sure that you grab a croissant from a local pastry shop and indulge in steak fries before you head home. Try some of the classic French dishes Julia Child also loved, such as bouillabaisse and beef bourguignon.

4. Charleston

You might not expect to see Charleston on a list of foodie destinations, but local chefs want to change the city's reputation. Enjoy some of the world's best southern food as well as comfort foods that you'll dream about for years. Charleston has quite a few black-owned and operated restaurants, too.

5. Bologna

If you ask most Italians which city is the best in the country for food, many will tell you that they prefer Bologna to Rome. Whether you crave a big bowl of pasta or have your heart set on a slice of cheesy pizza, you'll find that Bologna restaurants offer those dishes and many more.

6. Osaka

Osaka uses the nickname of the Nation's Kitchen because it has so many chefs and restaurants serving authentic dishes to tourists and locals. Make sure that you hit one of the night markets, too. They are open late and offer a different look at the local food scene than you would see during the day.

7. Lyon

Many foodies think of Lyon as the little brother of Paris because it offers the same classic and delicious foods but at a fraction of the price. You'll also love that you don't need a reservation at most restaurants and that there are fewer crowds.

8. Copenhagen

Foodies love Copenhagen so much that some come back once a year just for the food. The city has a great reputation for its international cuisine, including everything from pizza and tacos to Japanese and French dishes. Plan to spend 30 minutes or more savoring your breakfast, too.

9. Taipei

While you'll find tons of places to eat during the day in Taipei, make sure you save some room for the markets that only open at night. Known as one of the best cities for noodles, the beef noodle soup served in Taipei is one you will remember for forever. Don't forget to snag a bubble tea, either.

10. New Orleans

Where else in the world can you start your day off with a steaming mug of chicory and a plate of beignets before ending the day with fresh oysters caught right off the coast? New Orleans also has a great reputation for the up-and-coming chefs who have restaurants in the French Quarter and other nearby areas.

11. Montreal

You might not think of Canada as a foodie destination, but Montreal would prove you wrong. Grab a big plate of poutine to dine like a local on fries topped with rich gravy and cheese curds. While poutine is almost the country's national dish, it's just one of the many favorites locals have.

12. Hanoi

Why spend a lot of time getting dressed up for dinner when Hanoi has so many casual food stalls that accept you just the way you are? Pho is one of the more popular dishes, and it comes in dozens of styles, but you may want to try a few beef and rice balls or fish spiced with turmeric, among other Vietnamese classics.

13. New York City

Where else in the world can you grab the cheapest and most delicious hot dog for lunch and then stop by a four-star restaurant for dinner? New York City also has many shops that offer some of the best desserts and the best pizza in the world.

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14. Mexico City

Mexico City will change the way you think about Mexican food. While local chefs love using classic ingredients, they keep finding new ways to mix those ingredients in ways you would never expect.

15. Chengdu

Those who love spice never miss the chance to hit Chengdu, which has some of the world's spiciest dishes. Sichuan flowers grow wild in the city and nearby, which might explain why it's such a popular ingredient. Even if you're not a fan of spice, you'll find a few dishes you love.

16. Rome

If you love authentic Italian dishes, make Rome your food capital. Known as the Eternal City, it features dozens of restaurants around every corner as well as some that delighted diners for decades or longer.

17. Shanghai

Plan a trip to Shanghai for the soup dumplings, if nothing else. These dumplings are plump and juicy and have a rich stock inside that forms the perfect soup consistency. Many tourists also love how many restaurants serve authentic noodles made and pulled by hand.

18. London

Don't assume that the only thing available in London is fish and chips! This is one of the foodie capitals of the world and the hometown of famous chefs such as Gordon Ramsey. You don't need to book reservations in advance though because there are tons of neighborhoods that offer everything from Vietnamese Pho to authentic French dishes.

19. Porto

Fans of Portuguese food know that the best city to find it is Porto. You might love relaxing in an outdoor seat at one of the cafes with a glass of local red wine in front of you. Try to spend some time checking out the smaller restaurants downtown though like those that serve one of the world's most unique hot dogs.

20. Tokyo

Tokyo offers more than just sushi! With dozens of restaurants everywhere you go and tons of chefs all hoping to grab their turn in the spotlight, you can dine in a new hot spot every meal and still head home wishing you had more time.

21. Hong Kong

Many people head to Hong Kong every year for the traditional and historic sites but spend even more time in the city's top restaurants. Known as one of the best places in the world for dim sum, Hong Kong has tiny restaurants with casual environments and elegant restaurants with stylish interiors everywhere you look.

22. Delhi

While you expect to see spicy curries on the menus in Delhi, don't be afraid to try one of the unique dishes found in the street markets around Old Delhi. There are even local groups that offer market tours and go over some of the best dishes to try. Butter chicken is another local favorite.

23. Barcelona

Barcelona is the home of tapas, which are small plates that restaurants encourage you to sample and share with others. One of the best things about this city is that its restaurants are open later than you might expect. Barcelona chefs want to make sure you have all of the energy you need to dance the night away.

Travel Wish List: Foodie Cities

Are you on the fence about which city to check out on your next trip? We picked the top food cities that you should add to your travel wish list.

24. Seoul

Seoul is such a foodie hotspot that even the airport restaurants offer some of the best food you ever tasted. Make your way out of the airport to find dozens of chefs ready to serve you. Among the more popular favorites are fried chicken in a rich and spicy sauce, noodles made from fresh sweet potatoes, and Korean barbecue.

25. San Sebastian

San Sebastian makes our list of food cities because of the sheer number of chefs working there who earned Michelin stars. Don't assume that all of the restaurants are fine dining establishments though because you'll also find loads of small cafes that serve fresh seafood.

26. Lima

While Peru probably isn't one of your top foodie destinations, it's worth adding to your travel wish list. The ceviche here is so fresh and delicious that it might ruin you for the restaurants back home. You might also love the rotisserie chicken that chefs slow cook over an open fire to ensure it's juicy and succulent.

27. Singapore

Singapore is one of the best places worldwide for street food because the city has multiple food stalls and hawkers. No matter what type of diet you follow, you will have no problem finding a chef eager to make something special.

28. São Paulo

Head to Sao Paulo to find the best Brazilian food in the world. While some tourists prefer Rio, Sau Paulo offers Pudim Brulee, which is a type of pudding topped with a rich and delicious caramel sauce. Don't forget to enjoy at least one Caipirinha drink, either.

29. Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the perfect place to try your favorite Mediterranean dishes and pick up some new favorites. Nearly every restaurant serves hummus and even gives you a plate before you order. Try dipping the falafel in the hummus for a taste explosion, or grab some shawarma, which is unlike the shawarma made in the United States.

30. Melbourne

Avocado toast isn't the national dish of Australia, but it's one of the more popular options in Melbourne, especially when you choose one that comes topped with a range of spices. Meat pies are another local favorite that are easy to eat and come stuffed with meat and spices. You may want to grab a flat white from one of the coffee shops to snag a mug of hot espresso with white foam on the top.


Get ready to enjoy the vacation of your dreams when you plan a trip to any of these foodie cities! We ranked our list based on factors such as the number of restaurants and food hot spots in each one, as well as the dishes they serve and the chefs they have. Whether you enjoy traditional and authentic cooking or want something a little different, you will want to experience all of these cities.

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