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Your visa has an expiration date field. This field refers to the last date that you can enter the USA on that particular visa. It does not have anthing to do with your return date or duration of your stay while in the US.  

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Leah Li – Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School, Sydney, Australia
"I really want to express my great gratitude to the HRC International organization. It was a wonderful year. I met so many amazing people and during my spare time I went to different cities to have fun. I went to Boston, New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Los Angeles. All of these fantastic places used to be my dream to visit and now it has all become true because of your organization. I just simply love it and want to say THANK YOU!"
Jessica Fauveau – University of Cannes, France
"I enjoyed my time in the USA. Thanks to this experience I rethought my career and now I am going to focus on the reservation department and group coordinator careers. After 6 years of experience at the front desk I had several opportunities to develop my skills and I know exactly what will be my objectives now."
Julia Ayres - Bobrineva – Hotel Institute Montreux (HIM) - Switzerland
“I want to thank HRC International for such a great opportunity in my career. They helped me to choose the company, which became the company I want to work for and continue my growth with. I recommend HRC for all my graduate friends who want a bright start in their future."
Rodrigo Tollan – Caux International - Argentina
“I learned about HRC International in 2002 while finishing my Hotel Management studies at SHMS in Switzerland. Many years later when I started my own business, we became valued partners for the J1 visa programs. Since then we have helped many young and talented professionals to develop an international career in prestigious hotels and restaurants in the US. With no hesitation I would recommend HRC International to any Employer or Candidate”.
Rafael Quezada - Regional Director of Human Resources - Loews Vanderbilt Hotel
“Each year we very much look forward to welcoming our J1 trainees and furthering our partnership with HRC. We are consistently privileged to have this unique opportunity and embrace the excitement that welcoming a J1 entails. Not only does our partnership allow the J1 trainee to continue their education in a very hands-on manner, it allows the hotel staff to exhibit true hospitality while broadening domestic horizons.”
Marie De Wulf - Management Training, Career and Alumni – SHMS - Switzerland
“HRC and its dynamic team have been giving wonderful and unique opportunities to our students since 2007”
Philip Sloan, Head of the Hospitality Department, IUBH, Bad Honnef, Bonn, Germany
“HRC International does an excellent job at placing our students in valuable hotel internships around the planet. We also enjoy their enthusiastic and energetic contribution as sponsor of the annual Mise en Place Cup”.
Olivier Gaupin - Executive Chef – Maitre Cuisinier de France - Loews Atlanta Hotel
“Partnering with HRC has always been a crucial component of our success. We have had people coming to our hotel to train under our Culinary Leadership for over 4 years from all over the world. We have had some incredible talented people that took home what Loews Atlanta has to offer and we are looking forward to continue this incredible partnership and extend additional involvement in the training of our J1 Team members.”
Christine Joy Cruz – Centro Escolar University – Manila, Philippines
''HRC International offers a world class training experience where you will learn to hone your skills and knowledge in any position on a luxurious hotel. The staff is friendly, reliable and responsive as they handle the entire process quickly and smoothly. It was a delightful experience''.
Jacquie Lutz - Head of Career Relations - Glion Institute of Higher Education – Bulle, Switzerland
“It is always a pleasure to work with HRC. We can count on the team to provide our students with a first-class and personalized service every time, from the interview stage right through to the end of the internship.”
Erika Hirt, SHRM-SCP, SPHR - Director of Human Resources – Trump Chicago
“HRC International has been an amazing partner for our property. Their commitment to quality is impressive; their candidates are well prepared, presented and supported throughout their J1 journey. Our culture fosters a personalized experience for all our associates and HRC shares our values. They truly care about their trainees and their overall experience throughout their training program as well as their cultural assimilation within the city they are placed.”
Ms Christine Schroeter - Internship and Career Coordinator - César Ritz Colleges – Brig, Switzerland
“What we appreciate most about working with HRC is their ability to find the right path for our students and help and support them during their training in a foreign country.”
Funda and Mustafa Uzer – WWC - Turkey
“Since 2005 we have been HRC International’s preferred partner in Turkey. We have realized numerous life-changing internship & traineeship program placements to high class hotels and luxury fine dining restaurants in the USA for our young talented hoteliers from Turkey. We are sure that our great partnership will always continue by growing our business together every year.”
Lee Lin – Hotel Institute Montreux (HIM) - Switzerland
“My wonderful experience in San Diego was in fact thanks to the fabulous HRC team in Netherlands. The HRC team kept presenting their hospitality and professional efforts which distinguishes HRC from all other placement organizations. HRC totally represents their leader's trait as an approachable and passionate team.”
Stephanie Ruiz de Jongh - Senior Career Services & Industry Placements Counsellor - Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, Bluche, Switzerland
“HRC International has been a great partner in placing our students. We love their personal approach to offer each Les Roches graduate the best next career step, based on their skills and potential.”
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