Francisco's J-1 journey

Francisco, Pan Pacific Hotel Seattle, Rooms

First of all I would like to thank you for your work with me and always being so helpful and kind. Thank you for everything HRC did until now. It's been an amazing experience so far, professionally and personally and I learned a lot. Time flies really fast and I know that this experience will change my life, it already changed.

I love this city, it´s so beautiful and it´s the first time that I lived in a "big city". The weather is a little bit different but I am not complaining, it´s part of the experience too. My hotel is amazing and I am learning a lot with my supervisors, managers and co-workers. I made friends in my work that I know it´s for life and I am very grateful for this. Sometimes I miss my family and my home country but I know it´s normal to feel that, I am trying to enjoy every minute because now it´s been half way and it will pass by really fast.

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