Michaela's & Karen's J-1 journeys

Michaela, Parrot Key Resort, F&B and Rooms

I’m so grateful that I can know about this program, it’s really valuable for me because I can get a lot of experiences. I just finished the first 4 months as a Server in Grove Restaurant, and now I just started in Housekeeping as an Inspector. I’m really excited because this is my first time leading a team. Thank you so much HRC and my consultant Angela!

Karen, Parrot Key Resort, Rooms

Florida is treating me very fine! I have made few friends, all is well and work is also good! I’ve learned the importance of working together as team, learned how to get out of my shell and be able to give instructions to my co-worker and I have also learned how to address my co-workers. We had a Christmas party from work, we went on a boat cruise to end the year. Awards for excellence were given to employees and we had fun!

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