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Working at HRC

Want to jump start your career, but not quite ready to go overseas? Come work for us!  

HRC International is a young and flexible company, something that you will experience in the informal way we treat our employees and partners. If you are a team player who feels comfortable in a surrounding where hard work goes hand in hand with fun and play, then you will feel right at home at HRC International.

Working at hrc international means working for an innovative and dynamic organization.

Every year, HRC offers 2-4 hotel school students the possibility to do their internship at our HRC Maastricht office. Typically these internship opportunities are for a period of 5 or 10 months. Based on your specific interests, skills and competencies we draft up a training plan that benefits you and HRC. The coolest thing about training at HRC? In many cases you are offered a job at the end of your training. How awesome is that?

The 10 month internships typically include an extensive training plan to become a skilled junior career consultant whereas the 5 month internships are mainly geared towards Sales and Marketing, Digital Recruitment, Source Management and Finance. 

Do you want to learn more about training opportunities in our office? Click below!

Traineeship junior career consultant .pdf

Traineeship sales- marketing & e-recruitment .pdf

If you are interested in doing your Traineeship at HRC International, please send your CV to

Please find below a few testimonials from some of our prior interns.

Nikhil (Nik) Roy - (India - Les Roches Bluche, Switzerland) - Dec 2016 - Sep 2017

"As a Digital marketing and E-recruitment specialist I was primarily in charge of the communication and brand development of the company. My 9 months at HRC International gave me very useful insight into HR and recruitment. My tasks included – social media campaigns, reporting using Google analytics and AdWords, newsletters and assisted in attracting and following up on potential candidates.

Alongside these functions I also had the opportunity to visit various hotel schools to attend career fairs and represent company sponsored events such as the Emcup 2017 and Horecava ‘17 in Amsterdam. The team here at HRC Maastricht also played a significant role in molding my own personality and skills. An internationally diverse team who make you feel at home right from the start.

Being part of the self management team initiative also meant nurturing my own leadership skills and decision making. All of these factors did boost my confidence and I would definitely recommend this hands on industry exposure and training to anyone who likes working in a diverse and challenging atmosphere and has the flair for social media and problem solving.

My time with HRC has proved to be very valuable in terms of learning and experiencing the work culture in Europe and also developing my own skills and strengths while having a lot of fun!"

Samantha Okeby (New Zealand - Hotel Institute Montreux, Switzerland) - Jul 2014 - Dec 2014

"During my five and a half month internship I became part of the HRC family. Working in a young and dynamic team was easy for me to fit in and feel at home. I had the chance to experience working in marketing and as a junior career consultant. Having the option to experience both gave me a valuable experience.

As a junior career consultant I interviewed and got to know candidates and the steps and procedures you need to follow to place a candidate. At the same time I was given the responsibility over e-recruitment. I also was given the chance to travel to Switzerland to visit schools and participate in presentations which helped me develop my presentation skills. Working for HRC International in e-recruitment helped me find my passion for marketing which I will now go back to university and continue my studies.

I am very grateful for the opportunity and all the team in Maastricht for this experience, since it gave me the opportunity to find out what I really want for my career and in finding my passion".

Zuri Mendez (Mexico - Glion Inst. of Higher Education, Switzerland) - Dec 2012 - Jul 2013

"My time at HRC International was full of surprises!

I had the chance to apply my knowledge and skills obtained so far, by participating in different tasks.

Whether assisting the source managers, support the career consultants in the recruitment efforts in Switzerland, or giving a conference to a huge amount of people in Barcelona, I always learned new things and had a great time. I am very grateful with the team for this experience, since it gave me the opportunity to find out what I really want for my career."

Veronique Zwarts (Netherlands - Hotelschool Maastricht) - Mar 2011- Feb 2012

During the spring of 2011, I started my management internship at HRC International. My main goal was to gain knowledge and experience in HR/ marketing & sales. HRC International gave me this opportunity; I gained (E)- recruitment experience, visited several hotel schools, worked on an interested project and so much more! Besides this, HRC International consists of a great young international team!

I very much enjoyed it to be a part of this dynamic organization!"

Marije Bruil (Netherlands - Stenden University Leeuwarden) – Jun 2010 - Feb 2011

“At HRC I was part of a fun and multicultural team, with one another we worked towards a common goal. I had lots of responsibility and therefore learned to multitask very well!”

HRC is an accredited internship organization

Renne (Rui) Zhang - (China - Hotel Institute Montreux - Switzerland) Oct 2015 - Oct 2016

"During my management training with HRC International I have gained valuable hands-on experience in the field of Sales & Marketing and a good insight into the Human Resources within the hospitality industry.

Working in both Marketing and HR has always been my personal interest and passion, therefore this was a perfect professional development opportunity for me. To work with such a dynamic and international team in Beautiful Maastricht was absolutely a memorable experience! While working as a hospitality e-recruiter my daily tasks were not solely restricted to recruitment but also included managing social media networks, helping organize school trips, editing direct mailings and newsletters, coordinating the buddy program and many more tasks. Every working day in HRC was a fresh day for me, and not a day was the same. I have to mention that the most enjoyable part for me was the direct communication with young and international talents, listening to their needs and being able to help them get their dream position.

It was a true pleasure to become part of the HRC family. The Maastricht team is definitely a great team and I would highly recommend this management training for other young professionals. This experience provided me with a positive and productive use of my talent and education. I consider it as useful as any academic qualification".

Sophie Meyer (France - Institut Vatel, Martigny, Switzerland ) - Jul 2014 - Feb 2015

Washington D.C. - November 2014"I completed a Management Training at HRC International after my graduation and I had the chance to work in an international team full of energy which was exactly what I was looking for!

As a Junior Career consultant my main activities were not only based on HR and Recruitment but also organizing and participating to school trips in Europe and being in contact with HRC Alumni, partners and colleagues in different offices worlwide. What I enjoyed the most was helping and advising young talents all around the world and being able to work together to help them get their dream job and leave to their dream destination. This internship was without any doubts a wonderful experience.

I would definitely recommend HRC for a Management Training as it gave me the opportunity to learn more than I could have ever expected. I really could see myself evolve in a professional but also in a personal way in such a great company!"

Jeannine Glander (Germany -Technical College Dr. P. Rahn & Partner ) - Aug 2013 - Jun 2014

"During my 10-months internship at HRC International, I was able to be a part of this international team and work for a young and dynamic company. I had the chance to do a Management Training with two different focuses: on the one hand, I was able to gain valuable experiences in Human Resources and learned the skills of a Junior Career Consultant while on the other hand I was given the responsibility over the e-recruitment and online marketing of the company.

Due to these tasks, I was able to highly increase my communication skills and creativity and learned a lot about the art of marketing a company. I was also given the opportunity to represent HRC International at important Hotelschools or industry career fairs. In HRC International I had found a company where I was given the trust to work independently, improve my skills and knowledge and would always find an open ear for new ideas or critical thinking.

It has been a great place to jump- start my career!"

Beryl Cheng (China - SHMS Leysin) – Mar 2012 – Sep 2012

I had my traineeship with HRC from spring to summer; my colleagues said it was the most beautiful time in a year of Maastricht. I learnt how to start a new program somewhere far away from the headquarter; and learnt how to become expert of something I barely know before.

I’ve gained knowledge, friendship and beautiful summer memory from this traineeship. I am still working for HRC in China, whenever I feel not strong enough, I think about my summer time in Maastricht, and then I am filled with positive emotions again.

Melissa Corlulu - (France - Ecole Hoteliere de Geneve, Switzerland) May 2015 - Apr 2016

"Working with the hrc team during my final school internship as Jr. Career Consultant was one of the best experiences of my life. Having the chance to learn how to interview candidates, preparing them for the interview with the employer and finding them great opportunities in the US was a great chance to work and assist candidates from various cultures and backgrounds.

The rewarding sense of accomplishment that fulfills you when your candidate is hired is truly one of the best feelings you can get. I also had the opportunity to do presentations about hrc in various schools and fairs in Europe such as in Istanbul and Izmir (Turkey). Having the chance to work and meet our international colleagues that are located worldwide showed me the great perspective of this company. For what it is worth hrc is like a family to me. I know I would always be welcome and could ask for advice at any time.

I wish all the best to my colleagues and would recommend this training to all futures interns".

Theologos Kantartzis - (Greece - Les Roches Marbella, Spain) Oct 2014 - Apr 2015

''At HRC International I got the opportunity to have a closer look on how things work behind the curtain in the hospitality world. As a Trainee in Human Resources and Sales & Marketing I was able to obtain some really valuable experience giving a modern positive exposure of the company across the globe. This is by all means an asset that I will carry with me on my entire career.

Being in the position to give honest advice and assist young professionals on their future goals was a wonderful feeling. This has confirmed my interest to continue and develop within the Human Resources as the idea of hiring, training and retaining employees in the future professionally intrigues me.

I would definitely recommend HRC International for an Internship as it is a friendly family-like environment that will give you all the tools to see your career taking off!''

Carla Garetti (Italy - Glion Inst. of Higher Education, Switzerland) - Jul 2013 - May 2014

"HRC International gave me the opportunity to explore the human resources consulting world by completing a 10 months internship as a Junior Career Consultant. Working as part of an international team, I was able to learn the art of listening and advising passionate hospitality talents in order to ensure them a successful next career step.

I was also given the chance to visit well-known Hotel Management schools during recruitment trips and to keep in contact with the persons responsible for students' internships to periodically share career opportunities with them. Located in beautiful Maastricht and in the entertaining Netherlands, HRC was a great experience for me to start my career in a proactive way!"

Joanna Gajewska (Poland - Stenden University Leeuwarden) - Nov 2012-Sep 2013

"I started my traineeship in November 2012 and I really enjoyed being a part of this dynamic and international team. I have gained important knowledge in my fields of interest which are HR, Marketing and Sales. I had contact with people all over the world and I learnt how to assist hospitality professionals with their next career step.

HRC International is a great place to develop communication skills and make a use of one’s creativity. Being responsible for e-recruitment, I had the chance to work on a couple of interesting projects. I feel that this traineeship helped me gain valuable experience which will benefit my future career prospects."

Pamela Garcia (Mexico - Stenden University Leeuwarden) – Apr 2011 - Jan 2012

'My time at HRC International was amazing, not only I could learn about recruitment and consultancy, but as well I was part of assisting many hospitality professionals with their next career step.

By being a Junior Career Consultant I improved my knowledge and skills in many different areas, and I highly recommend this company for an internship when you want to work not only in an international team, but as well independently.'

Rong Mu (China - Stenden University Leeuwarden) – Jul 2010 - Apr 2011

"HRC is not only a life-changing, mutual, passionate and universal company, it also has unlimited potential. While HRC has helped many hospitality talents achieve their dreams, get their lives changed, she provided a platform for her interns to gain real working knowledge for their own career developments as well.

During my 10-months internship in HRC, I have learnt a great deal of HR knowledge and I have also learnt marketing knowledge, business sense, improved my presentation ability and English. My internship and the experience will be a great help for my future career development.

After all, my experience at HRC is an unforgettable memory for me, especially having the privilege to work with my friendly colleagues who have been working with passion and devotion to their work.

I sincerely feel that my life has been changed, since the day I started my internship at HRC to helping others change their career life."